Slot machines are the most popular casino game.Until the 20th century this term was restricted. The British use “fruit machine” as another term for slot machine; another nickname for slot machine was “one armed bandit”.

In the 90s, with the boom of the internet, became a popular tool for gambling online. Online slot  games provide a variety of games in one system.


Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in 1894 in San Francisco . He named the device as the Liberty bell. It includes three spinning wheels, a single pay line and automatic payout system. He uses symbols like heart,diamond, spade, liberty bell and horse shoe. The original liberty bell slot machine can still be seen at liberty bell Salon and restaurant in Nevada. Demand for liberty bells slot machines was increasing and Fey could not build them fast. He refused to sell manufacturing and distribution rights to gambling supply manufacturers.

In 1907, a Chicago’s manufacturer of slot machines, Hebert Mills, caught opportunity and began production of a slot machine that would knock off Fey’s liberty bell. He named it operator bell. He uses fruit symbols like lemon, cherries and plum on the machine.

History and evolution

  • From 1907 too many years slot machines remained purely mechanical. You need to pull down the lever to start the game. Because of the lever, it got the name one arm bandits.
  • In 1964 the first fully electromechanical slot was introduced under the name of Money Honey by Bally. The wheels were electrically operated but the game was still played by pulling levers. They keep it this way two maintain familiarity with the game and it also includes payout up to 500 coins.
  • In 1976,the first true video slot was developed by Kearny Mesa California in Las Vegas based Fortune coin company. It uses a 19 inches Sony TV for display. After following cheat proofing and modification the slot machine was available in Hilton hotel of Las Vegas.
  • 1996 was considered a milestone in the history of slot games. The release of “Reels’Em” by WMS industries responsible for 70% of casino’s income and it also took 70% of available floor space. It was the first video slot game to feature a second screen bonus round. When a bonus round starts a completely different screen display where the bone is played.
  • In the mid 90’s online casino games were introduced. In the starting there was gave like roulette and blackjack available that was present in land based casinos. Soon slot games became more popular than traditional casino games. Similarly online slot games became more popular.
  • Online slot games started to develop them in new games that are not available in land based slots. Progressive jackpot is one of the most exciting online slot games. Now you can play many games you want in an online slot machine.


Slot machines are one of the gambling devices that are more exciting since they were invented till now. Slot machines give you satisfaction and adrenaline rush that keep attracting more and more players from the 18th century till now.