Few things can be as fun and exciting as betting on the results of your beloved lottery draws and trying to guess several random numbers that can bring you an earth-shattering cash prize. No wonder then that millions of people in SA and around the globe prefer this pastime to all others. Some see playing lotteries as an easy way to unwind and re-energize after a hard day at work, while others love how this form of gambling fills their lives with thrill and adrenaline. Still, most lottery players are incentivized by the promise of fantastic rewards.

Ultra-big lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions have always been players’ top choices, primarily because of the enormous prizes they offer. However, it is a fact that the bigger the reward, the harder it is to win, which is why new gamblers might be better off trying their hand at something less known but equally enjoyable and lucrative, such as the UK 49s lottery.

How to play the UK 49s lottery?

UK49s, with two drawings at 14:49 and 19:49 SAST, is one of the most influential and renowned daily lotteries around the United Kingdom. This game also enjoys immense popularity in other countries, including South Africa, where players can access it via specialized online betting platforms and gambling websites.

The Lunchtime and the Teatime UK 49s lottery feature the same betting structure, and both offer their users very favorable winning odds. The two games employ a pool of 49 balls, of which the player has to pick up to six numbers. To enhance the likelihood of winning, UK 49s gamblers can include an additional bonus ball called “Booster” in their bet. Matching all the chosen main numbers plus – optionally – the bonus Booster ball with the numbers drawn randomly in the game guarantees that a massive financial reward will be paid out to the lucky players.

Where to play the UK 49s lottery?

YesPlay is the ideal location for SA players who seek a secure and trustworthy website to place UK 49s bets online. This modern and accessible betting platform, which comprises hundreds of entertaining lotteries from everywhere in the world, provides all the necessary tools and features to give you a pleasant and profitable gambling experience.

Apart from taking bets on lotteries, the YesPlay platform will inform SA users about the latest UK 49s results and winning numbers in real time and shows detailed statistics from previous draws, which players can then use to make their betting strategies more effective.