Casinos are mysterious places. It is easy to get addicted to casinos, and it is equally difficult to win something at a casino. However, there will always be some facts and trivia that would blow your mind with a place like that. Here are a few facts about casinos that you would not expect to be true.

The world’s smallest casino

Although you might have heard about huge casinos spread over acres of land that would put five-star hotels to shame, you would be shocked to know about the smallest casinos in the world. The fascinating part about the smallest casino in the world is that it does not even have a permanent address simply because it is in the back of a cab.

Yes, the Grosvenor Casino in London operates out of the back of a cab and has all the permits to be a full-fledged casino. First, however, remember that going to this casino is one bumpy ride.

The superstition with roulette

Roulette is one of those games at a casino where you are either lucky or are not. It is also a game that people are most addicted to. The superstition around the roulette game is that if you add all the numbers on a roulette wheel, it comes to 666, and all of us know the superstition attached to that number. This game has often been stamped as the game of the devil, and hence, everyone who plays it gets addicted to it.

You can get rid of your gambling habit yourself

If gambling has turned from a hobby into a full-fledged addiction and nothing seems to be helping you out, all you have to do is help yourself. All that you have to do is make one decision. Casinos have a policy by which you can voluntarily get yourself banned from the premises, and they would not remove the ban even if you ask them to later on in the future.

Not many people know about this policy, but if you wish to let go of this habit, go ahead and get yourself banned without embarrassing yourself. Then, you can join NetBet Slots and enjoy it to your fullest!

It was all started by a woman

Many people consider the gambling industry of Las Vegas to be the biggest in the world because it was somewhat the pioneer for casinos around the world. However, unlike other flourishing industries with dominant male figures, the first casino to get a license in the sin city was owned by a woman, and even the license was issued to her name.

So, if you are a fan of casinos worldwide, you should probably thank Mayme Stocker, who set up the first legal casino in Vegas in the year 1920.

The birthplace of sandwich

Yes, you read it right; the modern concept of a sandwich today first came into existence at a casino. A gentleman named Mr. John Montagu was such an avid gambler that he did not wish to leave the gambling table even when he felt hungry.

So instead, he just ordered his servants to serve him some meat between two slices of bread that would fill his stomach while he gambled, and then we had the first draft of the modern sandwich.

These facts about Casinos will drive you more to playing the top casino games. So, therefore, play an online casino game now!