Slot machines are a mystery on their own. Some people rely entirely on their luck to win at slot machines, while others use a few hacks and underhanded methods. Some people even get down to cheating and hacking when they do not win anything for a long time, which only brings legal trouble for them. So, we do not recommend them at all. 

If you wish to win online slots without cheating or using other unlawful methods, there are a few ways you can do that. After you learn these, you can log in to your pgslot เครดิตฟรี account and play to win. 

How to win online slots without cheating 

  • Carry a slot machine bankroll. 

Compulsive gamblers continue to play even if they cannot afford to lose more money. They may even use their credit cards to try and win the money they have lost to the machine. However, these practices are a big no-no and highly discouraged as they can put you in financial trouble. 

One of the best winning strategies is limiting the amount of money the machine can take from you. You can carry a slot bankroll to set a limit. 

  • Know when to stop. 

Some people continue to play even after they have won a substantial amount of money, in the greed to win more. It is important to understand that once you have more money in your hands than you started with, it means you have beaten the slot machine. If you continue playing, you may lose the money you have won and go back to square one. 

A winning strategy is setting a winning target for yourself and stopping the game once you have reached it. A golden thumb rule to follow: if you have your initial bankroll when you stop playing, you have won. 

  • Look for high RTP and medium variance. 

RTP refers to Return To Player rate, which is the probability of how much return you can expect after placing a bet. If you bet $10 on a machine with 90% RTP, you can expect to win $9 over a significant number of spins. 

Variance is the machine’s risk factor. High variance offers big payouts with a fewer number of wins, and low variance offers lower payouts with large numbers of wins. A machine with high RTP and medium variance is less likely to wipe out your wallet and has a balanced ratio between the risk and the reward. 

Not only is cheating unethical and unfair, but it is also quite impossible in online slot machines. Most machines today are equipped with software that can detect unlawful activities. The best way to avoid cheating is to think of slot games as a way to spend your free time rather than earning money.