When it comes to long-term success in football betting, fundamental football handicapping is a must. The odds are against you if you don’t have a rudimentary understanding of handicapping. When putting equal bets in Football Betting, you must win 52.38 percent of the time to break even. Betting on football games is not difficult, but it requires some knowledge of money management.

Before the football betting season, calculate your bankroll and wager amounts. Make or destroy your season in a flash with this one. My advice is to limit your bets to 2% to 5% of your bankroll. So, here’s an excellent place to begin learning about budgeting. The typical football bettor does not have an edge against a competent handicapper when placing football bets.

For the most part, casual bettors choose a team they like and place a wager on it. If you put your mind to it, you can become a successful football handicapper by learning the trade tactics. While some handicappers focus on situational tactics, others rely on statistical ones. Emotional variables also influence football betting handicapping.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each team? Division and conference standings, whether at home or away. Even if this is simplified handicapping, what I’m trying to get at here is clear. The best football handicappers use a Power Ranking system to deal with this issue. This lets you compare your numbers to the point spread given by the bookies and determine whether you’re ahead.

Next, look at each team’s current circumstances, such as their most recent opponents and their next divisional opponents. Based on the teams’ respective schedules and present circumstances, you may determine if one has an advantage over the other. Finally, when it comes to football handicapping, look for emotional elements, such as a team coming off a significant victory or defeat, potential letdowns, bouncebacks, etc.

Explaining Handicaps

Three-way betting is the most frequent method of wagering on football. There are three possible outcomes: a victory for the team at home, a tie, or a defeat for the group traveling away. Finding out whether you’ve won a wager is as simple as adding up the odds. To win, you must bet on a home team victory. The same may be said for the home triumph and the away draw.

The goal of Handicap betting is to decrease the bet’s possible outcomes from three to two. Giving one side advantage is one way to do this. For those who aren’t familiar with handicaps, the numbers might be intimidating at first. The +0.5 handicap is the simplest to visualize. It’s awarded when there’s a clear favorite in the competition.

If a home victory is predicted, the sitting team may be handed a half-goal advantage if you bet on the other team; the following is the result of your wager:

  • Loss bet if the home team wins
  • Win if the game ends in a draw
  • Away victory – Winning wager

The +0 handicap is also a simple concept to comprehend when you play in Neither team has a goal advantage in this situation. Hence there is no advantage for either side. The following are the possible results if you wager on the opposition’s away team:

  • Loss bet if the home team wins
  • There are two ways to play this wager:
  • Away victory – Winning wager