The National Football League (NFL) has had many missteps in the past few years. From fumbling its stance on social progression to blocking news on the impacts of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in players, the NFL just can’t seem to score with fans.

What’s surprising is that National Football League ratings are at a decade high. In 2021, NFL ratings were up 10% from the previous year. Of course, some experts make the argument that the increase in popularity was due to the U.S. recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, while others point to a surplus of down-to-the-wire playoff games in the 2021 postseason.

However, another factor to consider regarding the rise in NFL viewership is the accessibility and advancement of sports betting. When the Supreme Court lifted the ban on sports betting in 2018, the sports betting industry boomed, and the NFL saw a rise in participation.

Since 2018, more than $87 billion has been wagered in sports betting, with an estimated $40 million bet during the last regular-season game of the 2021 NFL season. As more states relax their laws on online betting, fan viewership runs parallel with bets placed on games.

With the rise in betting comes the necessity for betting websites to remain safe by evolving with the times. As younger NFL fans are technologically driven, their focus has turned from cash and credit to cryptocurrency. Because younger fans prefer to use a peer-to-peer network, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin give them peace of mind not found in traditional banking systems.

When using banks and credit cards, users accrue higher fees, more third-party red tape, and are limited on their withdrawals. But since betters using crypto are betting on speculation of a coin’s value and not the currency itself, winning in cryptocurrency allows users to add more value to their existing e-wallet.

Financial institutions have largely monopolized betting systems in years past, but some sports-betting sites believe that huge fees and user limitations prevent fans from completely controlling their sports experience. Websites like BetDSI give the power back to fans by opening avenues to safely bet with cryptocurrency, thereby limiting fees and maximizing fan bonuses.

“We are fans first,” said ____ ____ of BetDSI. “Making it easier for fans to place real-time bets and then get their money without compounded fees makes it more enjoyable for everyone involved.”

Even though BetDSI was established over 25 years ago, its willingness to open doors for fans to a new currency system signals a change ahead for other sports betting websites and a shift in the dependence on third-party institutions. Currently, BetDSI offers a 150% bonus for fans who enroll in the Bitcoin exchange through their website.

66% of “avid” sports fans and 72% of sports betters are familiar with the capabilities of crypto and the blockchain, and it’s becoming easier for fans — like 4-time Grammy winner Drake — to bet in real-time while having complete control over their digital assets.

As sports betting becomes more accessible and crypto evolves into the mainstream, we can expect the increase in viewership to continue growing in the NFL and other sports leagues, keeping stride with the public’s interest in betting with digital currencies.