Sports are not just restricted to the fields or grounds where it takes place. It goes way beyond that. The highs and lows of the sports industry task a hit on sports betting and affect many sports gamblers.

W88 is Asia’s biggest online entertainment site. Registration with W88 results in access to W88 casino, online card games, and legal sports betting. It is a popular online sportsbook site for betting on tennis, soccer, basketball tournaments. They encourage the members to bet soberly and within the terms and conditions.

Sportsbook is the place where gamblers can put money on their favourite teams or players of any sports being played out. The legality of the sportsbook varies from region to region.

Simple rules

  • The prices and chances keep fluctuating
  • Betting has to be done on the same day the sports competition is scheduled.
  • Betting needs to be enclosed before the sports game commences.
  • You are restricted to place bets on correlated events.
  • You cannot place your bets on both Moneyline (team or player you favour) and point spread (accuracy of points).
  • Your bet will be labelled as ‘no-actioned’ if you bet on the next event and the game ends.
  • Your bet will be rejected if the odds are changed in between you submitting the bet and the bet being approved.

Detailed terms and conditions

  • People aged 18 and about are the eligible clients who can participate in the sportsbook.
  • You can start betting when the funds are successfully transferred to your accounts by the sportsbook.
  • You can only bet with the funds belonging to you. No third party is allowed to bet on your behalf.
  • You will have to verify your identity before withdrawing funds from your sportsbook account.
  • Member’s account must be kept confidential by the sportsbook.
  • A sportsbook can reject, accept, or place betting limits on the betting activities.
  • The sportsbook can also specify maximum bets accepted so that they will not have to bear the loss of paying off too many winners.
  • You cannot bet more than your account balance.
  • Confirmed bets cannot be cancelled.
  • One member cannot create multiple sportsbook accounts.
  • Sportsbook is not responsible for the problem created by members disclosing their account and password to a third party.


Before participating in a sportsbook, it is important to know the rules so that you understand what you are getting into. These rules allow you to have a fair and safe betting experience.