5 slotxo games with high payout rates, worth investing in, which games we recommend It is a selection for you to try and play with peace of mind for sure. There will be some interesting games. Let’s see the payout rate of each game that we recommend.

5 slots games with high payout rates What games are there?

Let’s start with the MONKEY slotxo game. This game may not be familiar to many gamblers. Because it’s not that popular. but did not know that This game also has a very satisfying payout.

The Hong Kong symbol will receive a multiplier bonus of 1000, 200, 50. Monkey slot game is a slot game powered by 5 wheels of luck which is a fun slotxo game to play. Easy to play Easy to get money like other slotxo games.

Game 2 DRAGONS LEGEND Slotxo Game This game is considered an old game. But it should come into play anyway because Symbols and payouts up to 1000, 100, 50, this game is also a 5 reel 3 line game and very easy to play. Suitable for playing and having fun.

Game 3 CHILLI HUNTER This game is probably familiar to many people. Because the game is made out of a groundbreaking theme that is chili. which is different from general slot games that only have Chinese style The payout rate of this game is up to 1200 and it is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game, unlike other slotxo games.

The 4th game, Justice bao slot game, this game comes in the style of the famous bao pun from China. It is a Chinese emperor themed slot game with a lot of philosophical content and concepts. The game is designed to give out frequent prize money. But maybe not much. Let’s have fun with friends. The game has a maximum multiplier of 500 only, but if you bet on this game a lot. It is a game that earns a fair amount of money.

The last game, Lady Hawk slotxo game, is another game that has graphics and colors that appeal to modern teenagers. with the beauty and simplicity of the game This makes it one of the most popular slotxo games that many players play. The highest score in the game is Lady Horw, which has a multiplier effect of 150, but the condition is to get all 5 of this symbol, which is quite a lot. followed by a multiplier of 150, 125, 75 and the least is 3 points

Game control buttons

Spin button or spin button This button is a button to start spinning the game channel, which has 2 ways to play.

  • Press the Spin button and release it for a moment for the game to stop spinning.
  • Pressing the Spin button and pressing it again will stop spinning the game.

Auto Spin or Auto Play button It is a game system that allows the game to spin automatically. In a game that many people may not know that the game slotxo has this function. Allows you to set up the line to bet money and let the game spin automatically. You can do this if you don’t want to constantly press play.