The Spanish Blackjack game, which is known as Spain 21 or only Spanish Blackjack, is a popular variation of the game with rules that support players and offer the opportunity to get payments up to 50: 1 without placing additional side bets.

This entertaining blackjack variation offers the opportunity to get a large payment on hands with a total of 21, doing things like hitting or doubling after splitting Ace plus a very unique option called “Double Down Rescue”.

Spanish blackjack rules

The most obvious characteristics of Spanish blackjack are that it is played using the Spanish deck, which is a standard 52 card deck where all 10 cards have been removed (10, Jacks, Queen and Raja). So effectively you play with a 48 card, not 52.

By removing these cards from the deck (10s and face cards), online casinos swung the opportunity to return profitable by eliminating the possibility of drawing natural blackjack.

To make the game still appeal to players, Spain 21 displays some very unique rules that support the players, for example, when players build 21 points using cards 5 and 7, their bets will pay as many as 50: 1.

Consider that there is no value card 10 used, it is much easier to form a 21-hand using several cards and more rare sculptures.

Spain 21 is generally played using card 6 or 8 decks but this can vary depending on the casino. The important thing to be highlighted is that the number of decks decreases, the edge of the player increases.

In Spanish 21, players are allowed to divide and divide their hands, even after splitting ace. It is also possible to hit / double-down after separation included after splitting ACE and doubling is not limited to the value of certain hands.

There is also a choice to give up late even after doubles. If the player chooses to surrender after doubles, the number of original shares is replaced.

It is important to highlight, however, that in this game the dealer is forced to hit on 17. The implications of this are important for players because this effectively increases the superiority of the house of 0.22%.

Higher payment

All 21 bonds are won by the players but as we mentioned before, 21 hands will pay differently depending on the number of cards used to build this hand.

For example, if you build 21 points with 5 cards, your bet will return at 3: 2 – like a natural blackjack. The same hand uses six cards will pay at 2: 1 and 21 hands made using seven or more cards will pay at 3: 1.

There is a special card combination that offers similar payments. For example when you build hands worth 21 using six, seven and eight or use 3 Sevens mixed suit, this will pay at 3: 2. When you make this hand with a card with the same setting, the payment is 2: 1 and if it’s built Spades, there is a 3: 1 payment on your bet.

Finally, the Hand of Triple 7 is suitable when the dealer card rises also 7 will restore your bet at 50: 1.

In conclusion, Spain 21 is a unique and fun blackjack version that displays outstanding rules and payments. Something that makes this game stand out from the others is that unlike other versions that require players to put additional side bets to qualify for high payment-based, in Blackjack Spanish this payment is available as part of your standard blackjack staker.