Sports betting tipsters touts and pick services are designed to sell handicapping tips and information to end-users. They are all handicappers selling betting and picks insights.

On the UFA Kicks betting platform, you can get lots of information for sports bettors that they will not need to spend money on tipster tout or pick service. It allows you to do the handicapping on your own. However, you will need to do some research but make sure to check the touts or tipsters before you partner with them.

Tout or tipster is a single individual, whereas a pick service means a large organization including many handicappers in the staff. Pick services have a huge budget and are more professional than the tipsters and touts. It doesn’t matter if you plan to choose a tipster, tout, or pick services you need to look for the following to avoid getting scammed.

  • Look for a verifiable winning claim before paying the handicapper.
  • Because the percentage of scams is high, it is not advisable to spend lots, so start small with a new handicapper.
  • Recommendation from a trusted source is the best way to go.
  • Trust your gut and walk away if something doesn’t seem right.
  • Advertising or claiming a ridiculously high success rate is a red flag. For professional sports bettor, the success rate is 50% to 60% which is a reality.
  • Before paying for picks determine your bankroll and affordability. Sometimes, you pay more on the picks than the actual wager Thus you end up eating your profits quickly. Large bankroll does not permit you to hire handicappers. If you choose then opt for one that offers reasonable fees and good picks.
  • Read the fine prints and understand the cancellation policy. If anything seems odd never hesitate to ask and get clarity.

Find a good handicapper to work with but ensure to take precautions!